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Welcome to Nomad Ministries

Nomad Ministries is based in Fredericton, New Brunswick but has a local reach across Eastern Canada.  Nomad Ministries is led by Deb and Doug MacDonald.  Their vision is to do whatever/wherever/whenever, as God calls.  They have a team of loyal supporters called the ‘Nomads’ who work with them in the ministry and share their vision.  Learn more about Deb here.

Regional Programs & Services

Deb, through Nomad Ministries offers the following Programs & Services across Atlantic Canada and even into New England

  • Leading in Worship music
  • Music Teaching
  • Planning & leading Ladies retreats
  • Children’s ministries
  • Summer camp ministries
  • Bible Teaching
  • Marriage counseling
  • Leading Mission trips

If you would like to see if Deb can help your church or group in one of these ways please contact her.

Online Programs & Services

Deb has a network of nomad helpers.  Some of these Nomads are fluent in other languages so Nomad Ministries supports online Bible teaching in these languages on this site.  See here.


Conference Speaker / Bible Teacher / Worship Leader / Music Teacher

Spiritual Coaching / Children’s Ministry